AngelWorks Projects


All current and upcoming events are currently on hold until we are past the threat of Covid-19.

While we are worried about lost donations during this difficult time, we know that this difficult time will not last forever and we look forward to the day that we will once again have social events and gatherings with all of our supporters.

Prayers that everyone stays well during this time and chases the positive. There is almost always a positive to be found… sometimes we have to look really hard, and sometimes we have to chase it, but it is there! Stay positive friends!


We are ALWAYS collecting gift cards to give to families and now more than ever our families can use gas and grocery gift cards. If you are able to donate one, email us at and we can tell you locations that they can be dropped off, or you can mail to:

1861 E. Audubon Blvd.
Lancaster, OH 43130

We are also working on new videos through video conferencing to upload on our YouTube channel so that you can meet some or our young warriors!


Our first trip to DC was postponed because of the Impeachment Hearings. Now, obviously, with the national crisis, we are once again waiting. However, we are still focused on the trip and getting some of our warriors in front of our senators to ask for legislative change in the amount of funds earmarked for childhood cancers. We will get there and I am confident that our young warriors will create change!